Michael Jackson Collectibles

It's hard to believe that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson has passed on so soon. Even before his death, fans have continually sought after collectible items from MJ. With his passing came an almost frenzied demand for his signature, albums, posters, autographs and novelty items that bear his face or name. We've been working hard to bring these items together in organized categories for an easier shopping experience for you.

Everybody loves an autograph, especially Michael Jackson's and you'll find plenty of these to shop for. From "caught on the spot" signings on a napkin or t-shirt to professionally orchestrated public signings there's something for everyone's heart. An autograph is the closest thing to being there and make a great keepsake or gift to cherish for a lifetime. Some people collect autographs for their monetary value and others for their sentimental value. Either way, you can't go wrong with an autograph, original or reprint these are nice to have. Be sure to check out this very special section, the largest anywhere!

The Thriller album is another fine collecible. This special album was out just before CD's had taken hold of the world and this album is a great collectil be. Of course, there are the old Jackson Five albums and 45's that make a great addition to any collection!

Posters, original photo's and reprints have long been a favorite of collectors of all ages. We've brought them out in full force! Thousands to choose from! There are even some new special edition posters coming out along with some very fine limited edition medallions and figures. Check back for these items as they displayed as they become available.

Novelty items and toys from the Thriller era are still available and make fantastic collectibles. These items are still available but each passing year makes it more difficult to find them. With Michaels death you can be sure they are moving quite fast. From the very popular glove to the glasses to the metallic clothing, it's all Michael Jackson memorabilia and you can find it right here at bargain prices!

Jackson did a lot of charity signings and fans often bought more than one autograph. These signings and auctions were sometimes on various objects like guitars or clothing and are a true collectible find!

Original paintings are being offered by local artists and we've got them all organized for you too! These beautiful paintings, charcoals, pastels and oils are being bought as fast as they are put out! These poor artists can only paint so fast so if you see something that you really like, grab it! Some of the abstract art is very nice too. Whatever your style, an original painting by a local artist is truly a one of a kind collectible!

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone, a keepsake for yourself or a highly collectible, rare signature, you'll find plenty to shop for around here! You've got the best selection and the biggest discounts right at your finger tips! If it's collectible Michael Jackson memorabilia you are seeking, you're a few clicks from finding it!
Be sure to read our informative articles! They'll take you through the "Jackson 5" years all the way to the present. Discover the steps of this man's life from an early age or just relive it! These articles will put you in a reminiscing frame of mind and if you aren't already, you'll become a Michael Jackson Collector in no tme!

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